Dennis Sea Accommodation - The place to stay when you're away!
Dennis Sea Whispers
47 Cutty Sark Rd
Coronet Bay, Vic 3984
Manager: Lucy Cirona (Mob: 0418504537)
Guest Service Attendant: Angela Jones (Mob: 0423251433)
Dennis Sea Whispers Accommodation Conditions
The landlord reserves the right to terminate this agreement and requests the property to be immediately vacated without refund when / if the tenant is: 

- Causing malicious or deliberate damage to the property or untidy conduct.                                    
- Smoking inside the premises or on the balcony.  All smoking to take place outside the house and cigarette butts carefully disposed of in the bins provided.
- Causing public nuisance, excess noise or undesirable behaviour inconveniencing other tenants or the landlord. A ‘No Extreme Party Policy’ is in place.
- Setting up permanent or makeshift structures i.e. tents, caravan etc.
- Ignoring warnings/requests from the Guest Service Attendant/landlords or continued breach of any rules set our herein.
- Making a cancellation, the deposit/bond will only be refunded if the room is re-tenanted for all of the corresponding period for the same designated cost, plus a minimum of $50 cancellation fee will apply.
- No pets allowed accept where consent is given by the landlord in writing (pets must be controlled and secured within the property boundaries and remain within the designated areas and under no circumstances be allowed to enter the house).  Tenants must also clean up after their pets.
- The bond will be returned within 5-10 days after the tenant vacates provided the premises are vacated in a satisfactory order and all items are accounted for and left in good condition (except reasonable wear and tear). No nails or sticky objects to be placed on walls.
- All damage, breakages and lost keys must be reported immediately and replaced or paid for by the tenant.  A $50 charge will apply where spare keys have to be made out of hours (and a $90 charge if the remote alarm key pad is lost).
- The house and surroundings must be left in a clean, tidy, sanitary and hygienic condition at all times or a cleaning service charge of $40 plus hourly rates shall apply.  It is in the common interest of tenants to maintain cleanliness during their stay.  It is the responsibility of the tenant to leave an uncluttered kitchen, return cooking utensils to their proper place and return the furniture to its original place so as not to inconvenience the cleaner when performing his/her duties after the stay. In the event of such an occurrence the cleaner will charge an additional fee for his/her time spent.  This cost will be borne by the tenants jointly or severally.
- We do not guarantee TV reception or performance.
- It is also the tenant’s responsibility to maintain the premises to avoid pests and rodents.  The premises are currently pest free due to a maintenance program by the landlord.  This does not cover irresponsible behaviour inviting such pests into the house (like field mice through doors left open) and incur additional fees which will be borne by the tenants jointly or severally.
- No removing of flowers or fruits from the garden unless consent is given by the landlord.
-       Off street parking is available for tenants (up to 5 cars). 
-       Refusing to pay the bond. All bond and rent is pre-paid prior to stay. It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that 
        cheques are cleared prior to their stay. Credit card payments are available on request.
- Overcrowding. Accommodating and entertaining more persons than specified on receipt. This property can only accommodate up to 18 people.  Rooms will not be used as bedrooms if they have a floor area of less than 7.5m2.
If the tenant wishes to vacate the premises prior to their departure time, it is the tenant’s responsibility to advise the Guest Service Attendant or the Manager of their intentions and to ensure that the house is properly secured before doing so.
It is also the tenant’s responsibility to read our “Fire Plan”, become familiar with it and together with their guests, devise their own personal “Fire Plan” catering more specifically to their own needs (e.g. if you have elderly people staying with you, or small pets......etc). All members of your party must be prepared to act on this “Fire Plan” should the need arise. This is a Government regulation which must be adhered to.
Any maintenance will be attended to by their Guest Service Attendant (Angela Jones, a Casual Employee) and Maintenance Person (H. Summers – ABN: 73584940325) under the direction of their Manager and Owners, Lucy Cirona and Appudurai Natkunarajah trading as Dennis Sea Accommodation ABN: 93503670349. Waste Storage will be removed by Guest Service Attendant and Bass Coast Shire Council.
I   agree to abide by these Accommodation conditions:                   
Date of Agreement:                
Tenant’s Signature:      
Date(s) of Occupancy:

Dennis Sea Accommodation
12 Cain Ave
Northcote, Vic 3070
Bond Amount:  $700
Special conditions for pets (only with landlords consent), give details of the type of pet ensure that they will remain outdoors:
Full name:                                                                                                 Duration of stay (give dates):
The house _____________________was found in a (an) _______________condition.
Give details:
Kitchen left tidy (and dishwasher emptied):

Furniture left in original location:

Breakages incurred (e.g. glasses, plates, beds.....etc.)

Pool Table Condition (e.g. pool cloth unstained, pool cues not broken, all balls accounted for.....etc..):

Outdoor Furniture ( cigarette burns, no damage...etc..):

Any other part of the house (damages incurred during the stay):

Bond amount:  $___________ Bond returned in full: yes no

Damage/loss incurred:  yes no
If yes state replacement cost and give a description of the costs incurred:

Keys returned:         yes      no     
Manager/Guest Service Attendant signature   Date:

                                    ----------------------------             -----------------
Tenant’s signature:                                                                              Date:
  ----------------------------  ---------------------------------------------
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