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Without a doubt, the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is the sweetest and most addictive attraction on Phillip Island. 
From your first taste of the free sample you will be addicted to Panny’s delectable Belgian premium handmade chocolate.
Choose from truffles, boxes, sculptures, chocolate animals and chocolate coated fruit, or enjoy the chocolate delicacies in Panny’s café.
Visit Panny's Amazing World of Chocolate and see...
• our educational exhibition on cocoa production.
• the chocolate Art Gallery of famous paintings.
• a two metre chocolate statue of Michelangelo’s David.
• a 12,000 piece chocolate mosaic of Dame Edna Everage.
• a chocolate village complete with working trains.
• the amazing spinning Zoetrope.
• Panny’s life animated in the Family Window.
• Side Show Ally, test your skills and aim to win chocolate.
• challenge your senses in Panny’s Centres of Excellence.
• design your own chocolate bar flavour. (Panny chooses one flavour a month to make!)
• the Mystery Chef creations.
• a giant one tonne block of chocolate. (try and lift it with your friends!)
• our thunderous chocolate waterfall. (400kg of molten chocolate every 3 minutes)
• have your photo taken in the giant chocolate display.(email it to yourself for free!)
• make your own chocolate art and eat it!
• the chocolate carving machine in action.
• chocolates being made in the chocolate factory.
• Panny’s Amazing Chocolate Machine. (pick your own weird flavour combination!)
Educational kits available.

The Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is located on the Phillip Island Road, in Newhaven, just one kilometre from the Bridge. Your arrival is much anticipated. All customers receive a complimentary chocolate on entry and staff are on hand to answer your questions. It may even be the famous Panny himself.
Group discounts available

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory930 Phillip Island Road Newhaven 3925
Ph: (03) 5956 6600 Fax: (03) 5956 6823International: 61 3 5956
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